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IDNI Agoras (#58)Created by b39c1185d3fb913b60ccafc69fb4b597ccf576228febfe9a1d2e243564174e76

Total42000000 TOKENS
DataOfficial IDNIs Agoras Intermediate Tokens. Other old Agoras tokens are defunct.
CategoryInformation and communication
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URL http://www.idni.org/pre-sale
Price0.02564103 OMNI
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Tau is a programming language with blockchain built-ins. Its main feature is being consistently decidable (see tauchain.org).
Agoras is an application over Tau-Chain, being first and foremost a smart currency offering predictable and verifiable contracts, and will offer several markets.

Eliminating the trust problem between programmers and entities who hire them. Can publish a smart contract that whoever supplies a code with a proof that it meets given requirements, wins coins automatically. Thanks to Tau language, such proofs can be trusted.

Everyone will be able to rent out their computational resources (CPU, GPU, Disk) and get paid for it. Lack of many computers is a major bottleneck in many fields (especially medicine design) and cloud/supercomputing companies cannot compete with the higher quantity and lower cost that home computers can offer.

With large enough network, Tau can crawl the web overnight. We will have a self-incentivizing search engine such that the data is shared by everyone and supporting nodes get paid.

Agoras will allow smart contracts, that you can know their consequences beforehand. That thanks to the decidability of Tau-Chain’s language. Will also support true peer-to-peer contracts: business that need a private arena, can take place between two Agoras clients.

Agoras smart currency is on presale now. There is a total amount of 42,000,000 intermediate coins (IDNI Agoras Tokens), that represent 100% of future Agoras coins.
Starting from 01/05/2016 the price of one IDNI Agoras Tokens will be 20 cents (USD), going up 5% monthly.
'Premine' for long-term development and 3rd party partners is 3%.
All unsold coins up to Agoras’ genesis will be destroyed. For example, if you hold 1% out of 42M coins, and only 21M are sold, then with the actual Agoras coins you will hold a fraction of 2% out of all coins.

More information at: www.idni.org
Buy requests can be sent to: ohad@idni.org
Can also buy on BitTrex.

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